North Queensland Psychology Services

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The reception area of NQ Psychology

To make an appointment please call 4721 2502 and speak to north queensland psychology services friendly receptionist sally patricks or michaels mobile on 0423 358 071. sally will help you to find the most appropriate psychologist/ counsellor for your personal need. you are able to book an appointment directly with sally, no referral is required.

you can be self-referred, referred by a gp or other health professional. rebates of private health funds and medicare are available when seeing a registered psychologist.  medicare and health fund rebates can be processed immediately on the spot. to be eligible for a medicare rebate a gp referral (item number 2710) is required.

access to counselling can be face to face, via telephone or email.  after hours appointments including saturdays are available upon request.

we try to keep our professional fees affordable by offering low gap (out of pocket) payments for medicare services.

Office Hours:  Mondays to Fridays: 8:30 am – 5 pm

                          Saturdays:             8.30 am – 12.30 pm



                                                                                         Fee     Medicare Rebate*    Gap                                                                                                     

Michael Schauer    Clinical Psychologist               $170.00      $124.50             $45.50
Cameron Liggett     Registered Psychologist        $145.00        $84.80              $60.20
Jenine Lawlor         Registered Psychologist        $145.00        $84.80              $60.20
Dr Maureen Alsop  Registered Psychologist        $145.00        $84.80              $60.20
Julie Walker            Social worker                         $145.00        



applies only with a valid Mental Health Care Plan